Thank You Bremerton Police Department!

Movember Donation

KCS thanks Bremerton’s finest for their generous Movember 2014 donation to help people living with cancer in Kitsap County!
Pictured in front of the Bremerton City Council is Police Chief, Steven Strachan, Mayor, Patty Lent, KCS Vice President, Rosemarie Trost and KCS member, Margo Chalstrom.

BPD 002

Bremerton Officer Mike Nelson presents a check for $870 to Executive Director Jackie Smaha and Board Member Peggy Iversen of Kitsap Cancer Services on Nov. 6, 2013 at the police department.   BPD Patrol Officers are not normally allowed to wear beards by policy, but BPD Chief Steve Strachan allowed for a one-month “Movember” event if officers and staff donated $20 each to KCS. 

 Female staff also participated by donating and wearing temporary beards for the photo.  “If you see a Bremerton officer in November with a goatee it is just a fun way for us to show our support for the community and for all the people helped by Kitsap Cancer Services,” said Chief Strachan.