Patient Support

Our Programs

Compassionate Care Funding:

Needs of the individual cancer patients are assessed by our social workers, and funding under $500 is given for transportation costs, groceries, medical bills, unpaid utility bills, co-pays, prescriptive items not covered by insurance, and a variety of other financial burdens.

Large Compassionate Grants:

If assessed needs are emergent and beyond the $500 limit of the above described, a formal application will be completed by the social worker and patient, so grants in excess of $500 can be administered.

Holiday Sharing:   

Local oncology office staffs and social workers identify families that are particularly in need during the holiday season.  Thanksgiving meals or food cards are provided and “Wish lists” are obtained from a family spokesperson and presents are delivered to that family for the Christmas Holiday.

Helping Hands Housecleaning:   

A referral is made by a local oncologist, identifying a person in treatment, who is unable to perform the necessary tasks needed to keep a home in clean order.  Our professionals will clean for two hours, once a month for a maximum of four months for someone financially unable to hire it done.  Volunteers are also available to help with household chores and yard work.


Social workers and oncology offices will refer individuals who are unable to drive themselves to treatment or doctor visits, and do not have friends or relatives to help them.  Schedules can be negotiated with our list of volunteers.

Kitsap Kids Connected:    

  • Child Advocacy Program:    Our WashingtonState, Certified, Special EducationProfessional takes referrals from our local Children’s Hospitals (or local social workers) to help school age children transition back into the school system after cancer treatment.  She will aid the school in providing the child with every opportunity to thrive in his or her development and growth as a student.

KCS also contracts with a former, licensed school psychologist, trained to know how cancer affects family dynamics.   She will aid our local school counselors in identifying the needs of children who have loved ones living with cancer.

  • Dream Rooms:  Children who have been identified to us through our local Children’s Hospitals will be eligible for a fun, bedroom makeover.  Parents are consulted on the child’s interests, and while they are at treatment, our team, headed by an interior decorator, will transform the bedroom into a dreamland for them to return home to find!