Compassionate Care Grants

The largest of our programs is a monetary grant application process where patients are consulted by Oncology Social Workers and Nurse Navigators regarding their needs. If the patient qualifies for a KCS grant, the application process is completed, signed off by the social work professional and delivered to KCS via mail or fax. These grants provide for defaulted rent or mortgage payments, utilities, co-pays, medical equipment and medications not covered by insurance, child care, and transportation. Annual household income for these patients averages between $18,000 and $19,000 which is under the Federal Poverty Line for a family of three. Grants average $500 and have rarely exceeded $1000 in dire emergencies. KCS dispenses an average of just under $60,000 in these grants per year. A sub-category of our grant program has been allocated to emergency dental work that is sometimes needed before a patient can begin their cancer treatment. Social workers refer via application and the patient is sent to one of three participating dental offices for evaluation. KCS will pay up to $500 of the out of pocket expenses incurred for emergent dental work, usually consisting of extraction and infection control.



Kitsap Cancer Services is a local non-profit organization that provides programs directed toward the enhancement of one’s emotional, physical and financial well-being while navigating a cancer diagnosis.

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